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Sailor Jerry “Spirit of freedom”

Sailor Jerry “Spirit of freedom”


The challenge

Sailor Jerry was one of the main sponsors of 9th Street Mode Festival at Thessaloniki. Within the context of a  very busy and dynamic environment we had to create an outstanding experience for visitors with the purpose of strengthening Sailor Jerry’s presence. A strong and impressive branding throughout the festival area would complement the activation.


The concept

Our idea was based on a common attribute of Sailor Jerry’s fans: their love for  unconventional lifestyle. Since the brand identity is connected with a characteristic lifestyle of American 50s, we decided to create the experience of feeling “The spirit of freedom”.


The project

Two basic elements made up the setting: a backdrop visual depicting a classic Arizona style road and a real Harley Davidson. When visitors were getting on the Harley it seemed like they were really riding on the road. To make the experience even more real, special props were added like a ventilator to create real wind, bikers sunglasses etc.

While visitors were on the Harley, an experienced crew was taking pictures to create a gif. This was sent to visitor’s mail in order to share it on social media and create virality.

Moreover, the broader area of the festival was reformed with Sailor Jerry branding. The main stage was named “Sailor Jerry Stage” while specific areas were selected to enhance visibility i.e. the enlightened balloon next to outdoor stage.

Overall it looks like it was a Sailor Jerry festival!

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