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Experience of Spirits

Experience of Spirits


The challenge

Amvyx was present at Athens Bar Show 2017 with 7 brands located in two separate areas (outdoor and interior). The request was to design a different, unique setting for each one of these brands within the limits of one common area for all of them!


The concept

The idea was to exploit the unique personality of each brand and create separate, experiential areas focusing on these unique characteristics. The crucial point was to create the atmosphere that would trigger the senses and make the experience even better.


The project

In Serkova area the atmosphere was frozen! This was also the starting point of wandering around the botanical garden of Bombay or the stylish Irish pub of Tullamore D.E.W.

Jim Beam’s traditional storehouse was another destination while Sailor Jerry was dedicated to the art of tattoos.

To separate areas without blocking the access between the different settings, we used curtains as a common element. This light and movable material allowed visitors to easily move around and look for the next experience.

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