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Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club

Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club


The challenge

Dewar’s was present at Athens Street Food Festival, introducing to Greek audience the “Scotch Eggs Club”. Our task was to fit the multinational concept of “Scotch Eggs Club” within the context of Athens SFF, in a creative way, with the ultimate purpose of attracting people to Dewar’s area.


The concept

Our idea was to exploit the key elements of the very successful “Scotch Eggs Club” to build a special experience for the visitor. Since these key elements are eggs and chickens, we created “The coop”!


The project

The setting was designed and developed using key elements that created the atmosphere of a coop. The visual identity was a blend of key visuals relative to the concept and branding elements. To enhance visibility, special branding materials were used (enlightened balloon).

The center of the activation was the Scotch Eggs truck! It was the serving point from where people ordered their Dewar’s cocktails accompanied with special Scotch Eggs recipes made by V. Kalides.

Animateurs wearing chicken masks were around making on the spot happenings and inviting people to be served! To add a note of humor, sounds of “chickens in the coop” were spreading in the area every now and then.

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