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Contest AMVYX “Vale Goal”

Contest AMVYX “Vale Goal”


The purpose

The task was to design, implement and communicate a national activity for our client Amvyx with the purpose of increasing sales. A contest was created and run during summer period in almost all retail chains throughout the country. Seven brands participated: Bud, Serkova, Serkova Crystal Pure, Grant’s, Bacardi, Bombay, Ktima Alpha Malagouzia.


The challenge

The main concern was to find a way to connect the contest with World Cup 2018 in an indirect way- without mention the phrase “World Cup” as such. At the same time, we needed a simple and direct message to communicate the contest.


The concept

We focused on using the word “goal” as the base of our creative concept. “Vale goal” was the slogan we created, and we also used elements of football field to create a key visual for the campaign.


The project

Under the “Vale goal” concept we designed the contest mechanism including the gifts and draw procedures. We designed and run special SMS and web platforms to enable participation. Moreover, the site “” was specially designed to communicate the contest and give relative information to the audience. In store communication was also designed to complete the campaign including pop materials, special installations and taste samplings. A digital app was also created to attract targets interest and used as an instant win tool.

The results were greater than expected: more than 131.000 participations. One great prize (Hyundai i10) and 50 more gifts for the winners. Sales boost for all brands which participated.


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