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Amvyx “Spirits in style”

Amvyx “Spirits in style”


The challenge

Amvyx was present at Athens bar Show 2018  having 9 brands participating. Our company was asked to create experiential settings for each brand with the purpose of differentiating and strengthen company’s presence in the show.


The concept

The  idea was to exploit each brand’s personality to create unique experiences for visitors through atmospherics and scenery. Three main areas were available for the setting of the nine brands so we had also to consider  how to putt together some of them within the same area.


The project

Serkova Crystal Pure should be dominant on place. So we created a special, crystal clear and frozen world at the center of the main area. Whoever walked in the world of Serkova could feel the freeze, the clarity and enjoy their vodka directly served from ice!

Moving around this area, experiences of different kind where waiting the visitor to exploit: the Irish pub of Tullamore D.E.W., a journey to the magic of bubbles by Three Cents, the art of tattoos by Sailor Jerry and the rose world of Bosford!

On the exterior, Martini welcomed quests with Italian style in its Caffe Torino! For those preferring more groovy situations Monkey Shoulder and its Mixer Truck presented an unconventional, unique way of mixing  and enjoying cocktails! Just beside all these, a new experience was waiting those who walked Bacardi aisle: the impressive entrance with the colonial arches would lead visitor to a typical room of Urban Caribbean style. Santa Tereza had its place within the area keeping its own character in harmony with the surroundings.

Memorable experiences, surprising moments but also fun and pleasure! All these within a walk on the world of Amvyx at Athens Bar Show!

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